Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The magical and amazing Megan Caruso

A big part of the Seva challenge for me is the collaboration and creativity that rises up from working with friends and artists in the community. Getting together, combining our forces, visions and talents - seeing what comes out of that union and then using it towards such a worthy cause brings such sweet tears to my eyes.

One of the most enjoyable friendships and collaborations that has grown out of this experience is working with the ever so lovely and talented Megan Caruso - Artist, Designer, and maker of things. This girl is fresh.. her work is amazing, her vision is spot on and she delivers. I could stare at the pretty logo she designed for me all day... and just wait to you see the rock poster that is in the works! Oh boy it is good.

Megan has been the creative force behind every piece of printed material for the Yogini for Uganda challenge and it is as if she reads my mind. Look for her work all over town as I now have business cards and informational cards that will be scattered about the corners of our land, posters for events and even the upcoming apparel has her talented touch, and that of a few other artists as well but more on them later.

If you are looking for a designer who delivers amazing work each and every time... look no further you have found her...

** Click on Megan's logo above to be transported to her creative work and website.

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