Friday, December 11, 2009

a few brought a lot

Last night's Change for Change was a success in my book. The crowd was small, very small. There were many faces I did not see that I had expected - that's just the thing with expectations though.

Those that did attend really brought it. They showed up with buckets, tubs, jars, and large bags. And they stayed and smiled and drank and laughed. All the while the talented and charming Clint - aka Eli Charleston - played his rag timey tunes which filled the air with sweet sounds and mixed with the holiday decorations.

All in all 9 full coffee cans are ready to be deposited, with a few more trickling in. The cans are heavy - weighed down by the generosity within them and the months of gathering and giving.

Thank you to everyone who came out in the freezing night air. Thank you to Clint for playing for Change. Thank you to Suba and the ladies of MQ for hosting the event and thank you to my co-workers there that shared their time and space to lend a helping hand.

So while the turnout disappointed me, that feeling quickly dissipated once I realized that the people who were there were so full of love that it filled the room as if there were hundreds and that is more than enough.

So I might have to make a few trips to get all this change counted... I'll keep you posted on the final amount.

Namaste friends.

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