Thursday, January 29, 2009

So what is the Seva Challenge...

Seva is a sanskrit word for selfless service.

The Off the Mat, Into the World 2009 Seva challenge is a call to action and a way to take what I learn on the mat out into the world to create positive change. It is a way to bring leaders out of the community and bring the community - both local and worldwide - together.

Each individual participating will work to reach a significant fundraising goal. The idea being that the individual will use their creativity, leadership and community to manifest dreams. To come up with ways to bring people together - and in the end to save many lives and brighten many futures. And to have fun while doing it.

My fundraising goal is $20k. I have until November 15th 2009 and I am looking forward to raising each and every dollar of that amount. In the end the money, and efforts of many, will go towards building schools and birthing centers and helping to create sustainable farms. Approximately $45k can build a school - so if roughly 2.5 individuals reaches the fundraising goal, a school will be built and countless children will have a brighter, better future.

To read more about the Off the Mat, Into the World organization and their affiliates, please feel free to explore their website by clicking on their logo to the right.

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