Friday, January 30, 2009

Sprinklings of seva for everyone...

A little seva for you, a little seva for me... a little seva goes a long long way...

Acts of selfless service happen everyday, in many ways, all over the world. Little wee acts of kindness add up to some great stuff. It is amazing to me the extent of which a seemingly small act of loving kindness can touch another person's heart and life. Go out and try one... and see what happens.

Right now I am working to create events and products to assist in reaching my fundraising goal. Am I working alone? No way! I have already been joined on the path by some of amazing individuals offering up their ideas and insight and readying their hands to help.

This challenge is all about community - big and small. So I am calling on my community, my kula, my family and friends to join me on this journey. Some of you may be able to donate significant monetary amounts, which is wonderful and much appreciated. Some money will come from events and items - stay tuned for details on those (I'm just saying it is going to be a good time...). Some of the goal will be whittle away over the months by tiny increments and small acts - please know that every dollar counts.

Clicking that "Donate Now" button and donating any amount towards my seva is helpful to the cause. If we all pitched in $5, $10 or even $20 dollars - the numbers would soar and we would be on our way to building brighter futures for children in need. Perhaps you cannot give in that way - but would like to join the journey with your heart and hands? Have ideas - let me know. Have a gift and talent you are willing to lend to the cause - bring it! I am continually blown away by the ideas the people in my life have come up with and their willingness to help out even if these troubled times for our own country.

Lend a helping hand - however you can. Let's join together and sing, dance, stretch and create...

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