Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making Sirshasana my mantra for artistic adventures

Sirshasana is a headstand. And I struggle with this pose. Upside down, engaging long forgotten muscles and breathing - this is a tad harder than it seems. It bothers me that I do not glide effortlessly into headstand and stay up there gently breathing. For now I approach with a little fear, confusion, and some resistance. And that approach can get in the way in general - on the mat and off.

It must be said that in order to finally "get" headstand you have to fall a few times - ok perhaps more than a few. Sometimes falling hurts and personally I find it scary - all in all this headstand is frustrating path but one that has an end so I forge on. (I mean, I will eventually get it, right?) Same deal with life, sometimes you have to try and not fully succeed before you "get it".

This past Wednesday in class my Ashtanga teacher Bobbi taught me the right way to fall out of a headstand.This method prevents the dreaded finger crack (which I did, and it still hurts months later) and lands you in a back bend. I now feel (almost) free to flail and fall until I get it, confident that safety is on the other end of letting go.

Fast forward some hours and through a few obstacles with the screen printing project and you would land in today. Right now, almost. Here is a brief overview of how my internal dialog went today "My order of shirts and tanks and totes arrived. Yay! yikes! I have no idea what I am doing. How am I going to screen print these. I have never done it. Internet. Oh.... Deep breath. Hmm. Poster screens are not working. More Hmm." ... feeling doubtful and daunted without even giving it a go. Letting confusion frustrate the flow. And then the yoga crept in... where the approach on the mat translates to life "off" the mat. Approach with no expectation, an open mind and be a-ok with what happens. It's cool... breathe.

So I took a deep breath and decided to just go for it, try bust out a few sample shirts. First time screen printing take one. And ta-da... it worked. I have three printed shirts drying in my basement. They are very simple but all went well. No tears or gnashing of teeth. Two color is next... and headstand.

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