Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The printing has started. What was a vision and a thought for so long is now manifested in my basement. Megan (the amazing graphic designer) and I have started to print. This past Sunday we set up shop and the process has begun. The plan is to hand screen concert posters and create the first batch of t-shirts so they will be ready for the benefit concert next week. It is all very exciting and I am finding that amongst so many other things, creativity is being born out of this fund raising challenge.

The first day we ran into some snags. Someone had told we could use house paint to print the posters, this did not work. The paint clogged the screens and while we tried feverishly to get the paint out of the screen we only succeeded in scrubbing off the image. The screens had to be re-burned. We now have the correct ink, beautiful paper and about 80 apparel items to print on.

The printing resumes on Thursday night, hopefully it will be smooth sailing...

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