Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ease up

As the weather cools it is hard to believe we are reaching the end of another cycle. The time that has passed seems at once so close, the experiences still fresh and then so far, so much has happened and changed. Lately I have been thinking a lot about this fund raising challenge and how it relates to the busy pace of modern life and the often abstract notion of helping others or being involved in change. I have been going over in my head why I am doing this challenge, how I started and what has happened to me since it began. I have at times watched the others that are participating in the challenge and then for long stretches I remove all connection and just do my own thing. There are still more months to go and corners to explore and personal edges to push the boundaries of - clearly I still have more reflecting to do, but that is where my head and heart have been.

Tonight I came to the realization that part of what I was doing was trying to find how I can be sustainable in my own life and how activism and social change can be too. How you can help make a difference while getting on with your own life and really see the change - which is refreshing in a political climate that often leaves the majority of people feeling unheard. I am doing this challenge as much for me and my community as I am for those that we are helping. By seeing direct change come from our joyful efforts we increase hope and positivity - something we all need.

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