Saturday, September 5, 2009

malas from nyc to uganda

This past winter a happy crew of yoga friends met up in New Hope to go to Seane Corn's workshop at Yogaphoria. I went with two friends from the Rasa Vinyasa kula, Shani and Barb, and we met up with Shani's friends coming in from New York., Emily and Elif. The weekend changed the course of my life by taking my yoga practice to the next level in a way I had never expected - this is when I decided to sign up for this challenge - to try and raise $20,000 within my community to aid ongoing projects in Uganda.

Shortly after that my new Elif signed up for the challenge too. Elif lives in the great NYC and is the creator of lovely jewelry. To raise money for the Seva challenge Elif decided to create handmade malas and sell them on Etsy, the site for handmade goods -under the shop name Malas for Peace.

Fast forward, through the summer's fast pace and activities... Elif sent me a message about a month ago that her life had taken a change in course, the summer brought with it a beautiful tiny wedding in the city and she was no longer finding the time for the Seva challenge. Elif had decided to donate what she has raised to my goal.

Thank you Elif for this beautiful act of friendship. And thank you everyone who supported and continues to support Elif on this journey. Together we are now closer to meeting the financial needs of the ongoing projects with Shanti Uganda, the New Hope orphanage, and Building Tomorrow.

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