Friday, March 6, 2009

Brick by brick...

So we raise the money... we donate, we contribute... what happens then? What happens in Uganda and where is this money going? All good questions... here are some answers.

During our last call with Off the Mat, Into the World Seane Corn, one of the organizations founders, gave a wonderful overview of the projects and organizations we will be working with and donating funds to through the 2009 Seva Challenge. They are all very exciting and challenging. The work will not be easy - physically or emotionally - but it will most certainly be beautiful. Here is some information about where your donations will be going - and what I will be working on should I have the opportunity to travel to Uganda next year.

YouthAIDS: Our trip and purpose will be launched by spending some time with the YouthAIDS organization. They have a location Uganda - and Seane Corn is one of their Ambassadors. Working with them we will gain insight on the cultural significance and impact that HIV /AIDS has on the African continent and the people. They will help us to educate ourselves and others in order to reduce ignorance, fear and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS.

Building Tomorrow: Working with Building Tomorrow we will literally build a school, community center and sustainable farm from the ground up - side by side with the residents of a rural village in Uganda. The community center will also serve as a place of residence for the teachers of the school. And as an added bonus of its completion the government will pay the salary of the teachers if a school is present ~ so let's get one there!!

Shanti Uganda: Working with the Canadian based Shanti Uganda - we will work in a very remote area of Uganda to assist nuns and villagers in building a birthing center for mothers infected with HIV/AIDS. Not only will the center serve as a place for safe birthing - it will also create opportunites for the women in the community by educated them in midwifery, giving them an income producing skill and fostering community.

New Hope School and Orphanage: The New Hope School and Orphanage is home to many many brilliant, bright, beautiful children that have HIV/AIDS and have lost parents to either the internal war in Uganda or to AIDS. Their nearest water source is over a half mile away, and it is the same water that animals bath and shit in. Our hope is to buy these children new mattresses for their sleeping quarters. As it is right now the children sleep 2 - 3 children per bed, one child peeing the bed is enough, 2 or 3 children peeing the bed makes it unbearable. Let's help to create a brighter reality for these children by giving them all a clean bed of their very own.

In addition to the projects above some of the money we raise will stay right here, within our own trouble borders and communities. Funds will be used to support teachers and programs that work with at risk youth, teaching them yoga and to honor and love themselves and one another.

All of these projects are amazing. Raising the money is one part of the journey - manifesting the work is another. Off the Mat, Into the World works hard to find organizations to partner with that have a long term commitment, presence in Uganda and plan - this ensures that the money is monitored and used to its fullest potential.

Please take some time to check out these organizations. Let me know if you have any questions.. and stay tuned ~ events are coming and soon to be announced.

Namaste ~ B
Image courtesy of OTM

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