Monday, March 30, 2009

Gratitude and fun...

Thank you, thank you ~ To everyone who came out yesterday and supported the 2009 Seva challenge by donating and skating. The event was a huge success, we raised a little over $700, with a few donations still coming in from people who could not attend.

This event was a blast! It was wonderful to see people out with their families and roller skating is something that everyone should do. It took me a while to get out there on my skates, since it had been about 20 years, but once I did I did not want to stop. And for some reason when you fall it just doesn't hurt that bad.

A huge thank you to Rob & Tara who made this event happen by renting the rink. A giant shout out of gratitude to DJs Jason Forest and DAMN GIRL! (Jocelyn Wray) for spinning while we all cruised around. Thanks to the staff at Olympic Skating center for doing the limbo, rolling the dice and being so friendly and fun. Big hugs of thanks to my family who all showed up - and thank you to all my friends, friends of friends and strangers that participated as well. Every dollar of donation counted and we received some very generous contributions. And to my Rasa kula ~ xoxo ~ I saw some yoga moves out there, nice!

It was so fun I am definitely doing this event again ~ so if you missed it this time I suggest you get your moves ready for round two! Next time I want to see three times as many people out there - we really ought to fill the place.

Much love everyone - we are getting closer and closer to the goal... only about $19,000 to go!!

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