Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cool Kula

Spend a little time around me and most likely you have heard me gushing about my Monday night yoga class and my teacher. I am not ashamed at all by this habit of mine - the class is amazing for oh so many reasons. It is not just the yoga we do or the teacher we have that create such a transcendent experience - although the yoga and teacher are both indeed fantastic! It is the group of people who make up the class - the Kula - that take the experience way over the top, in the best possible way. Last night reminded me how wonderful these people are - how supportive they are - and how each and every one of them is holding my hand in support all the time and I theirs. Really - I feel it. There is some serious, real deal love floating around that space.

Kula means family or community in Sanskrit - it is where you place your heart. And in our yoga Kula the heart beats big and strong and radiates out to each of us and back again. We come together from all different lives, jobs, homes, ages and choices - men and women - and we gather in a circle and move and breath together in a very dynamic and fun practice. And then we take that circle and make it so much bigger - essentially joining that little yoga Kula to the world - by taking it with us wherever we go. Carrying what we cultivate during that class out into the world - to our jobs, to our families, to our loves and to our conflicts. This group of people seriously make me skip about through life - and I would do anything to lend a helping hand to any one of them.

So to my yoga Kula - thank you!!!! For your beaming smiles, for your support, for sharing tears and stories and laughter and for the time we spend together. For showing up and bringing your Self to the mat. For making my life brighter and bigger and infinite. And for opening your hearts, pouring out your love, sharing your ideas and assisting me on this journey. You are all amazing... the bees knees...Namaste!

To read a little more about our class and what they all have to say please feel free to explore Shani's website - Yoga with Shani.


  1. You are truly a sweetheart, beth. I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo