Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One foot steps, next foot follows...

I have reached that point in the journey when the real hike is just beginning even though I have been on the trail for a little while. Looking forward, the distance I need to traverse is stretching way out before me. Time to asses the situation, get all the ducks in a row and consciously begin the next step of this journey. Time for me to start manifesting all these dreams and plans, to gather the troops and get to work. Roll up the proverbial sleeves and dive in.

I must admit there are small moments when I freak out a little - why did I take on this quest, how am I going to do this, why did I broadcast it out there and make myself so accountable - and then, just as quickly as those thoughts breeze in, they fly right back out and I smile. No bad can come from this challenge. There is no grade, no judgement - only good for everyone involved and even for those who are not. All I can do is focus on each little step and make each one count. I can think of no better time than now to engage in such action. World wide we all need inspiration, we all need help, we all need to feel like we are actually a part of this big, out-of-control, world and we all need to get out of our heads and get our hands into something. The news is constantly reminding us that the systems our current world culture "depend" upon are crumbling. It is time to get rootsy people, time to fall back on what matters - good education, good food, smiling happy children and healthy people world-wide. It would seem that happy smiling healthy people are not usually those that engage in war and violence so let's do our part to create future generations full of hope and peace. Let's help create equality by giving everyone who wants it a chance to learn and grow.

Much of the next part of this journey is on me, it is time for me to take all the plans and ideas I have and to make them happen between now and November 15th. Part of it I could use some help with. Spread the word, link my blog, join the facebook group, donate even a small amount of money, share any idea you might have with me, and get ready to come out for events ... I want to manifest a miracle! I want to raise this money in a time when everything looks bleak. I want to grow something out of poor soil and nourish a whole village from it. It is totally doable and in doing so each of our lives will be changed and a legacy will be created for generations to come - not just in Uganda but everywhere. It gives me chills to think about and it sends me leaping around with excitement.

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