Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lotus blooming

Yesterday was a day of yoga in so many ways...

Over the weekend a dear friend I had not seen in a year had come for an overnight visit and we connected as if no time had passed. Both of our lives have experienced so many changes over the past year, we have both grown during this time and found new ways to explore life and be present for all of the changes and challenges it presents. And, it must be said, we are both ecstatic freaks for yoga or as my friend calls it "spreading the gospel"... I was so very excited to share my yoga experience with her, take her to the studios where I practice and the teachers I practice with. Our days were filled with great yoga, great food, true friendship and being present for one another. As she departed in the late afternoon on Monday I felt truly grateful to have spent some time with her again and my heart felt full and overflowing.

One of the yoga classes we attended together was a morning flow with my beloved teacher Shani. My friend had expressed that while she valued and enjoyed her regular Ashtanga practice - she is in training to be a teacher - she missed some of the poses not explored in Ashtanga. And so we woke and walked down to the studio and practiced a lovely opening flow that allows us to open to what is coming next - the unfolding of Spring and all that comes with it. I found myself very moved - tears of joy overflowed at the mention of Spring and all its potential, it is the season of water...

Later in the evening the Kula gathered for a very special Rasa Vinyasa class. One of my dearest friends is pregnant and she has been practicing Rasa every week for her entire pregnancy and it has been beautiful to witness and an honor to share the experience with her. As her due date approaches she felt it was time to rest and so last night was her last class with us for a little while. These last eight months she has modified for the rest of the Kula so she could stay with the flow - last night the Kula modified for her, we all did prenatal yoga and honored the blooming potential and life within her and within us all.

To say that I was moved during this special class would be an understatement - it was a supreme human experience and I now cannot think of approaching the birthing experience without such an event. During most of the class I was using my breath to control my tears as we sent waves of Om in the expectant mother's direction, placed our hands on her belly in prayer and blessing... my love for this friend, her partner and their child is huge and it was all just so beautiful. We gathered together to explore and honor the lotus blooming in all of us. The Spring about the be born, the potential that hides in the darkness... All the roots reaching down through the unknown and the petals unfolding towards the light. We were guided by a most inspiring woman as we danced in a circle, sang with voices lifted in blessing, spiraled inward with hearts beaming outward...

Spring is coming, the earth is stirring, we are all in darkness and in light - we are all blooming lotus flowers full of potential, mystery and beauty.

~ Om Mani Padme Hum
Photo by Cali McCullough

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  1. You are a beautiful person! This past weekend was so special to me...I feel renewed!