Thursday, November 19, 2009

How many hands does it take to make a chicken shirt?

I ran into a bit of a dilemma yesterday... and I am pretty sure my head was about to split right open. I needed to solve a problem. I needed to solve it fast.

How did I solve it - I went to the Deuce Gibb Salon. A hair cut at a time like this you might be saying? No... initially this visit was just to deliver some posters and postcards to Deuce who's band is playing in Uganda Rocks ~ Part Deuce (hence the Deuce part of the event name)... and to talk over some last minute details regarding the show but what I got out of the visit was a breath of fresh air and a big sigh of relief and many a helping hand.

If you have never been to Deuce's salon I highly recommend it. Not only do they deliver excellent services but the staff there are as cool as cucumbers, oh so nice and it is a welcoming, comfortable, cool place to hang.

So.... yesterday I was having a screen burning issue - our local art supply store is leaving us and everything is 50% off and while that is fantastic for those of you who want to stock up on supplies it was not so good for me yesterday when I needed something and the screen printing aisle was completely cleaned out of all items. No supplies, no screen. No screen, no cool new concert tee. Sadness settled in and disappointment that I should have planned ahead in some unforeseen way... but I don't really have time for "should of" and "could of" I needed a real solution - the shirts are on the way, and the benefit show is around the corner.

The solution - Axis Custom Apparel ... they checked out my issue and solved the problem. When another problem came up, he solved that one too. The owner even took the time to show me the shop, the awesome equipment and process. This is the place to go to get your custom apparel done. I love my basement workshop but these guys have the set up and the owner is cool and kind enough to take time out of his incredibly busy schedule to help me out.

Thank you Josh at Axis - and Deuce for sending me down there. Sometimes you cannot do everything yourself, actually very rarely, and when you can't and you have reached the end of your abilities - open you mouth, ask for help... you'll be surprised where it comes up. It also shows once again that New Cumberland is a very cool place to be.

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