Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let the screen printing begin...

I am excited about this next batch of apparel. I am actually excited about the next three batches.. (Uganda Rocks, Part Deuce is going to have a pretty killer concert tee and Yoga for Uganda will have a lovely new design as well).

Today I am working on items for the Odd Ones Holday Biazarre next Saturday. I changed the color scheme around a bit and this time went for Autumn hues and cozy shades. Heather grey, warm yellows and unbleached organic cotton make up the majority of pieces... and I have new styles like soft long sleeve tees and cozy hoodies. I did a run of the popular short sleeved organic tees for both men and women.

Of course there are more totes and a nice assortment of organic apparel for wee ones including onsies, hats, bibs and long sleeve baby tees... these will also be available at the Om Baby Open House at BeFit Yoga on Saturday December 5th.

Now that the laundry is done... it is time to start printing.

See you Saturday!

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