Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spontaneous advocate

Last night I had a spontaneous fundraiser.

Our story begins with my usual weekend gig as a bartender... I had four people come in. They sat themselves down directly in front of one of my Change for Change cans and a few postcards for Uganda Rocks ~ Part Deuce... they asked about it, I told about it. And what happened next was a flurry and a mad fundraising delight. One of the women in the group starts going from person to person, table to table explaining to people what I was doing. She is out there on the floor of the restaurant striking deals, asking donations, and buying drinks for patrons if they donated $10, $20, $1, .$25... around and around the bar she went. It was fabulous.

The band played, people carried on, drinks and tapas were consumed. An hour passed and the foursome got up to leave and this is what the previously 25% filled can looked like. She raised over $100.

Thanks spontaneous fundraising friend.

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