Friday, November 20, 2009

Either you're a part of the problem or a part of the solution...

A comment was left on the Facebook event wall for Uganda Rocks Part Deuce that had me so worked up that my hands were shaking and my palms were sweating... I 'm aware that people have differing views, and I realize that some people hold to the opinion that a better use for money raised could be found in our own country, towns and communities but this comment was! It had been a long while since I encountered such bigotry, hostility and hatred.

Without naming a name (although this "fella" sure wasn't shy about sharing his opinion openly) or quoting him correctly by inserting the proper amount of f-bombs ... his sentiment summed up was that raising money for Uganda (or anyone outside the US) is a scam and he felt and actually wrote that the "people, (he did not use the word people but rather a word that starts with n) in Uganda should die of thirst".

Why the hate? I am curious what this person's contribution to life is? I almost commented back, I almost emailed him but rather I deleted the comment and moved on.

But I will say this - part of the money raised does stay in the USA, it goes to support yoga programs for urban at-risk youth. This guy probably doesn't like urban youth either. And I strongly believe that we, I, you , me, can benefit from helping others within or outside of our own borders. And if you want to help your own town, community, neighborhood or country - then do it. Raise the money, create the projects... walk the walk. Peace.

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  1. Beth. This person's contribution to life is "tolerance builder". Tolerance and acceptance are not tolerance and acceptance unless we can tolerate and accept the intolerable and unacceptable. Peace isn't peaceful when we fight back. I think you're doing the right thing by not responding. And just as well that it's also being vented, too. Because tolerance, acceptance and peace don't need to turn us into doormats. ~balance~

    Metta to him... may he find whatever it is he needs to heal whatever suffering it is that causes him to feel such hatred.

    Metta. <3